Easter Egg Coloring Event – Sponsored by Candace Rohrick Vancouver Realtor


Easter Egg Coloring Event


All year I have been sponsoring contests and events on PaigeeWorld.   PaigeeWorld is a community of young artists that share their art, improve their skills and make friends from around the world.     Paigeeworld provides an outlet to support creativity in kids!    PaigeeWorld was founded by my daughter Paige almost 7 years ago and has become one of the top art sites in the world for young artists. Check out this years Easter Egg Coloring Event on PaigeeWorld!     Members are welcome to share their Easter Egg Drawings, Easter Egg Paintin   g and all of the Easter Egg Decorating.     Members can win prints by @queenwicky009 as well as PaigeeWorld Stickers and assorted prizes. Check out the full details for the Easter Egg Coloring Event here – https://events.paigeeworld.com/easter/

Easter Egg Coloring Event

Lets celebrate Easter on PaigeeWorld! Join the Easter Egg Coloring event on April 1st!
It’s Easter on PaigeeWorld! The bunnys are hopping and the chicks are chirping, are you ready to decorate some eggs? Decorate your closed egg and make a surprise egg!


Download the egg templates which can be found below!  If you like you can make your own Eggs without using the templates.
Closed egg: Show your creativity and decorate your egg! You can decorate your egg anyway you’d like, paint it, draw flowers, give your egg a hat! The skys the limit!
Open eggs: Make a egg surprise! What kind of prize will you add to your egg? Decorate a opened egg surprise!
Your eggs have a chance for admin features and shoutouts all day!  Make as many eggs as you want!
Post your Easter eggs on Easter day April 1st to celebrate Easter on PaigeeWorld! Your egg may be chosen for features and shoutouts throughout the day by the Moderators.
Use the tag #easteregg so we can find your eggs!

Egg Templates



Participation prizes will be given to 10 lucky participants!   Prizes Include:

  • Signed print by QueenWicky009
  • PaigeeWorld Stickers
  • Alpaca Sticker Set
Post your eggs on PaigeeWorld with the hashtag#easteregg

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Sponsored by Candace Rohrick – Yaletown Realtor

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